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GME is excited to introduce the latest innovation in UHF antennas, our new covert transparent On-Glass Antenna, the AE5004.

 The AE5004 is ideal for those in need of a discrete UHF antenna set-up. The transparent On-Glass antenna is an innovation combining the need for a covert and high-performing antenna. As this range of On-Glass antennas are mounted on the inside of the windshield there is no opportunity for theft or vandalism, and no creation of wind noise.

The AE5004  offers superior performance when compared to the current range of wire On-Glass antennas which is achieved through the geometry of the printed circuit artwork on the transparent antenna, while the direct connection of the antenna to the coaxial cable allows for easy installation.

The AE5004 is proudly Australian made and suited to a wide range of vehicles from 4WD and luxury vehicles through to agricultural and earthmoving equipment.

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